Candy Crush Hack


Candy Crush Saga Hack Instructions:

1 -- Download an run the software : Just start by downloading the software. Once installed just run it as any other software, feel free to scan for any viruses or just simply look at the virus total scan below

2 -- Open your Browser and login your Candy Crush Saga facebook account : Open your browser and login into your facebook account, just follow along and open the Candy Crush Saga application.

3 -- Choose, on the Hack, the lives and Gold and click activate : Just choose how many lives you want to have and simply click activate. You shouldn't run into any probems as of now. If you do please check the tutorial video and or updates on our facebook page.

4 -- Have Unlimited FUN with the Candy Crush Hack tool ! No more bothering your friends requesting lives, no more being behind your friends on the game, be the best of the best any time! With our Hack you'll always be perfectly fine!

With our software you can easily enjoy candy crush saga to the fullest!Few softwares allow to alter online based games however, If you have full access to the web server where the online game is hosted you can successfully alter any variable, making this Candy Crush Saga Hack tool possible. We have to keep a dozen of virtual private servers running at all times and therefore we ask you to complete a survey before the software gets fully available for yourself, this helps us keep the virtual private servers up and running without any downtime or mis-function.